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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 08-17-20)

Lessons Learned, History Made in Nation's First Zoom Trial  "Judge Nicholas Chu of Austin presided over a Zoom jury trial in a Class C misdemeanor traffic ticket case, becoming the first court in the nation to test a fully virtual jury trial."

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Utilizing Social Media"As social media rapidly evolves, so do the legal and ethical pitfalls that attorneys may encounter when utilizing it for professional and personal use."

Judge in George Floyd Case Orders Release of Body-Cam Video  "Body-camera footage of George Floyd’s apprehension, arrest and death was made public Monday after the judge overseeing criminal cases against four former police officers ordered it to be released late Friday."

A man who was sentenced to life in prison for selling $30 of marijuana will be freed  "A military veteran serving a life sentence for selling less than $30 worth of marijuana will soon be released from prison, his attorney said."

The Vanishing Trial - "'The Vanishing Trial,' a new short documentary produced by FAMM and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, reveals how prosecutors use the threat of lengthy prison terms to coerce defendants to forfeit their right to trial."

Criminal Liability Risks for Compliance Officers: a Multi-Jurisdictional Perspective—PART II "In each jurisdiction, we have observed a trend of increased focus on holding individuals criminally responsible for corporate misconduct."

FIFA Decision Confirms Long Arm of Honest Services Fraud  “In their White-Collar Crime column, Robert J. Anello and Richard F. Albert discuss the Second Circuit’s decision in 'Napout,' which illustrates that if investigators find use of the U.S. banking system in carrying out a scheme, few practical limits will be placed on U.S. prosecutors’ ability to reach alleged misconduct anywhere in the world."

‘Con Air’ Is Spreading COVID-19 All Over the Federal Prison System  "U.S. Marshals are transporting prisoners without testing them for coronavirus"

What Do You Look Like Arguing? 5 Tips for Attorneys Appearing Via Video  "'Appearance still matters,' says Jonathan Shapiro with Aeton Law Partners in Middletown."

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