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Criminal Justice News This Week (Week of 2-15-2021)


Meow! A Lawyer's Mishap on Zoom Is Going Viral "'I've received more calls on that than all my criminal cases,' said another attorney in the hearing with the cat-lawyer."


Practicing Law Virtually in 2021 Requires Mastering On-Camera Presence "While it’s uncomfortable to watch yourself on camera, it will help you make important tweaks to both your content and presentation skills."


Reflections on a Zoom Trial “There was much to be learned from the experience with regard to the differences between in-person and virtual trials, be they civil or criminal, and how to best conduct them."


Supreme Court Staying Remote For Upcoming Arguments "The U.S. Supreme Court said Friday that it would continue holding remote arguments for its upcoming two-week session that begins on Feb. 22, which a spokeswoman said was 'in keeping with public health guidance in response to COVID-19.'"


You Think Things Have Been Rough in Civil Cases? Have a Look at the Criminal Side of the Docket "A panel discussion between practitioners, judges, and administrators from across the Ninth Circuit on Tuesday made it clear the challenges created by the pandemic have been felt most acutely in criminal cases."


'Most Overwhelmingly Difficult Period': A Franklin County Public Defender Hangs On "'As a defense attorney, the weapon in my arsenal that I use the most effectively is the ability to take a case to trial. And without that weapon, I feel helpless. Jury trials are effective for plea bargaining, because it’s hard work to take a case to trial, and a lot of prosecutors will spare themselves that work by agreeing to a lesser charge or less jail time, last minute, as you’re leading up to the trial. So without the trial date looming, you’re not able to effectively plea bargain.'"


After Turbulent Year, Bar Associations Urge Lawyers To Focus on Mental Health "'We are in the business of handling our client's most pressing problems,' said Larry McDougal, the State Bar of Texas president. 'That constant workload is stressful, and chronic stress impacts our mental health and can result in serious anxiety disorders and depression.'"


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