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Gerald "Jerry" Simmons, OACDL 2023 Lawyer of the Year

Gerald Simmons is a lawyer’s lawyer. For over fifty years he has been a staunch advocate for justice whose skills have been admired and emulated by more than a generation of criminal defense attorneys. In so doing he has more than lived up to and surpassed the highest aspirations of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers that he was also a founding member of and once served as one of its past presidents.
He has spoken at numerous seminars and taught his colleagues how to practice law as he has practiced it best. He has also been of assistance to many lawyers who needed his help and support over the years.
Accordingly because he has been a zealous defender of the rights of the accused, as well as a mentor to many and an ally to all in the cause of equal justice under the law the OACDL has presented him with its annual Lawyer of the Year award for 2023.
Joe Humpolick
2023 LOTY Award Chair

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