Assistant Public Defender - Appeals & Postconviction

Ohio Public Defender

• Position: Assistant Public Defender – Appeals & Postconviction • Location: Columbus, Ohio. • Qualifications: Admission to Ohio bar pursuant to section 4705.01. Note: Prior to representing a client in federal court or U.S. Supreme court, attorney shall obtain admission to practice law in that court; prior to appointment as appellate counsel for an indigent defendant in a capital case pursuant to Appt.Coun.R. 5.02 & 5.03, an attorney shall obtain certification from the Commission on Appointment of Counsel in Capital Cases. Note: Eligibility to practice under a Certificate to Practice Law Pending Admission in Ohio, under Rule I, Section 19 of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, or eligibility to practice under a Temporary Certification for Practice in Legal services, Public Defender, and Law School Programs under Rule IX of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, may be accepted in lieu of admission to the Ohio Bar pursuant to R.C. Section 4705.02. • Application link: • Application deadline: Saturday, June 3, 2023 o Summary of position: The Ohio Public Defender’s Office is looking for an attorney who will join the Appeals and Post-Conviction (“APC”) Section of our Legal Department. You will provide representation in a wide range of proceedings occurring after a client has been convicted of one or more non-capital crimes. You will work on a variety of post-conviction issues, including systemic litigation related to race in the criminal justice system, criminalization of poverty, and criminal defense immigration consequences. You will work individually on cases as well as in a group setting on projects reviewing larger issues, and these group litigation projects will include both supervisors and attorneys with varying levels of experience. The most common day-to-day work for the position relates to the following types of legal filings/cases: • Direct Appeal: You generally act as sole counsel on direct-appeal cases, but occasionally will work with co-counsel when appropriate. In pursuing an appeal, you will review the record of the case and all transcripts, meet with the client, conduct research and identify issues, draft the merit and reply briefs, and present oral argument. You will also conduct merit reviews for cases that have potential merit for a discretionary appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, may file jurisdictional memoranda in meritorious cases, and will pursue the appeal if the case is accepted. • Post-Conviction: You are assigned to review the cases of individuals who have gone to trial, who may have claims that a violation of their constitutional rights occurred, which can be established by evidence outside of the trial record of the case. You may work with an investigator to identify, locate, and interview witnesses, and/or may secure affidavits from expert witnesses in support of a post-conviction petition. If the trial court grants an evidentiary hearing, you will participate in the hearing. • Federal and State Writs and Other Forms of Relief: You review cases for arguable merit for a variety of writ filings, including state and federal habeas petitions, mandamus actions, and writs of procedendo, as well as other non-traditional filings including temporary restraining orders and injunctions. • Motions: You provide representation on various motions, including new-trial motions, motions for the correction of jail-time credit, motions to vacate post-release control and judicial sanctions, etc. We are looking for zealous, creative attorneys who have a commitment to indigent defense and compassion for their clients. Successful candidates will also have strong analytical skills and are adept at legal research and persuasive writing. Further, excellent interpersonal skills, a desire to expand one’s legal knowledge and skills, and an ability to accept constructive feedback are valuable attributes. The position currently is eligible for hybrid schedule, giving you the opportunity to work from home for a portion of time after initial onboarding. Some APC attorneys work in the office one day a week while others work in the office five days a week; the minimum in-office time is 8 hours per week. The successful candidate will be self-motivated and comfortable communicating via Teams or other conferencing software with colleagues in different work locations. **In your application, please upload and attach a cover letter and a writing sample. Applications without a cover letter and writing sample will not be reviewed.**

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