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Columbus, Ohio:  On April 30, 2009, the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorney's Association concluded a decades' long debate regarding the scope of evidentiary exchange in Ohio criminal cases by reaching an amicable agreement in modifying Ohio Criminal Rule 16. Commonly referred to as the Rule 16 or "Open Discovery" debate, both parties worked together to bring one of the most sweeping reforms in the history of Ohio's criminal justice system. The rule provides all parties in a criminal case with the information necessary for a full and fair adjudication of the facts, protects the integrity of the justice system, protects the rights of the defendants, and protects the well-being of witnesses, victims, and society-at-large.

Both the OACDL and the OPAA are very proud to have reached this monumental agreement.  The rule is being finalized and will be forwarded to the Ohio Commission on Rules and Practice for review and consideration.

For comment, please contact:

Honorable Nick Selvaggio, OPAA President
Champaign County Prosecutor
200 N. Main Street                    
Urbana, OH  43078
Office: 937.484.1900                                                            
Fax: 937.484.1901
Cell: 937.869.0708

Ian N. Friedman, OACDL President
Ian N. Friedman & Associates
1304 W. 6th Street
Cleveland, OH  44113
Office: 216.928.7700
Fax: 216.556.9779
Cell: 216.701.1072

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