Who We Are

Mission Statement

  • To defend the rights secured by law of persons accused of the commission of a criminal offense;
  • To educate and promote research in the field of criminal defense law and the related areas;
  • To instruct and train attorneys through lectures, seminars and publications for the purpose of developing and improving their capabilities; to promote the advancement of knowledge of the law as it relates to the protection of the rights of persons accused of criminal conduct;
  • To foster, maintain and encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of criminal defense lawyers through the presentation of accredited Continuing Legal Education programs;
  • To educate the public as to the role of the criminal defense lawyer in the justice system, as it relates to the protection of the Bill of Rights and individual liberties;
  • To provide periodic meetings for the exchange of information and research regarding the administration of criminal justice.

Message from the President 

Members of the OACDL,

            I want to personally thank you for all your individual efforts in achieving a fairer and more just world. 

            Thank you for respecting and fighting for the rule of law. 

            Thank you for your continued combat against racism, inequality, and injustice. 

            Thank you for your tireless devotion to actually doing justice. 

            Thank you for getting up, standing up, and showing up every day in a time more critical than ever in recent history. 

            Thank you for carrying on when it is this hard.  Practicing in criminal defense is not easy -- and it shouldn't be -- but, I'm so proud and grateful we're all still undertaking it.  Lady Justice              needs us now more than ever. 

            Carry on, gangsters.  And let the OACDL know how we can assist in your efforts. 


Very truly yours,

Meredith O'Brien
President, OACDL