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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 11-25-19)

The Myth Of Technology As Equalizer.  "Last Friday, the New York Times published a look into the deep disparities between defenders and prosecutors when it comes to digital forensics, evidence that can show that a person was in a completely different location at the time of an alleged crime. Access to digital forensics can mean the difference between exoneration and prison time. But only one office, New York City’s largest public defender, has been able to build a digital forensics lab on par with what law enforcement has.”

She Texted About Dinner While Driving. Then a Pedestrian Was Dead. "A New Jersey woman was found guilty of vehicular homicide by a jury that weighed whether her actions were on par with drunken driving."

I was a juror in Roger Stone’s trial. I am proud of how we came to our decision. "Our legal system affords a fair and open process for determining the truth."

Most Americans now favor life in prison over the death penalty for convicted murderers. "Most Americans say life in prison is a better punishment for murder than the death penalty, a significant shift from just a few years ago, according to a new Gallup poll."

Supreme Court won't take appeal for new trial in 'Serial' podcast case. "The Supreme Court will not take up an appeal from Adnan Syed, the Maryland man whose murder conviction gained widespread attention through the podcast 'Serial.”

Judge Slams US Government for Discovery Abuses Against Mass-Shooting Victims. "'I need to take a break because I’m already mad. You need to call your supervisor and let them know the court is entertaining sanctions against you,' said U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez."


They’ve Spent 36 Years Behind Bars for Murder. Someone Else Did It, Prosecutors Now Say. “Three men were imprisoned as teenagers for the shooting of a middle school student over his jacket. That was 1983. Now prosecutors say they didn’t do it.”

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