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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 01-20-20)

Reply Briefs: Having an Effective Last Word. "While reply briefs are optional, few lawyers can resist the temptation of having the last word when the opportunity presents itself. In their Appellate Practice column, Thomas R. Newman and Steven J. Ahmuty Jr. describe the qualities of an effective reply. Briefs that do little to advance the appellant’s cause and should be avoided."

What If a Border Agent Seeks Your Smartphone That Includes Client Secrets?. "Consider these issues to maintain privilege and confidentiality during international travel."

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Ohio’s Stalking and Harassment Laws. "An Ohio woman claimed in a federal lawsuit Monday that the state’s anti-stalking and harassment laws have made her afraid that she will be prosecuted for criticizing government officials online."

He got 12 years for having a cellphone in jail. The judge said he was ‘fortunate.’ "The trial was over, the verdict guilty. Willie Nash rose in the small-town Mississippi courtroom to listen to the judge’s decision."

Life in a Troubled Mississippi Prison, Captured on Smuggled Phones. "Prison officials said contraband cellphones fuel violence and undermine security. But as a crisis swelled in Mississippi’s prisons, images shared by inmates brought attention to troubling conditions."

The Road to Real Criminal Justice Reform Goes Through Public Defenders. "They are some of the only true heroes in our society."

People on Probation and Parole Are Being Denied Perfectly Legal Medical Weed. "Despite statewide legalization, some counties ban probationers and parolees from using medical marijuana. So the chronically ill turn to less effective and more addictive prescription drugs."

Man Spared From Execution After Rare Clemency Grant. "Jimmy Meders, who was scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia Thursday night, has been granted clemency. He was sentenced to death in 1989 for a crime that would likely not receive the death penalty today.")

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. "We hope that you find these pieces as fascinating—and inspiring—as we do."

Ohio's Senate Bill 3 tougher on traffickers, gets help for drug users. "A bill that would re-classify penalties for drug users in Ohio could go to the full Senate for a vote this month."

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