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ACLU of Ohio Announces Hotline Email for COVID-19

ACLU of Ohio Announces ‘Hotline’ Email For Coronavirus Concerns


Today, the ACLU of Ohio announces a new effort regarding COVID-19 and those incarcerated in Ohio’s prisons, jails, and youth detention centers.

This new effort is a “hotline” email –

Our intention is for the families and loved ones of those locked up (and anyone else with info) to report problems, concerns, and other helpful information as it relates to COVID-19 in these facilities.

Collecting this information will allow ACLU of Ohio staff to monitor developing trends, learn about systemic problems and shortfalls, and to hopefully provide advocacy and assistance in emergency situations.

PLEASE pass this along to anyone you think may be interested ESPECIALLY those with families and loved ones locked up around Ohio.

The ACLU of Ohio will soon be announcing further efforts regarding COVID-19 as it relates to mass incarceration concerns and issues.

Thank you for your assistance and your continuing advocacy on behalf of those incarcerated.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Gary Daniels

ACLU of Ohio

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