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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 08-10-20)

Federal judge urges Supreme Court to overturn Qualified Immunity "A federal judge in Mississippi on Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to overturn the legal doctrine known as qualified immunity, which effectively shields police officers from civil litigation over alleged abuses."

Half of Oklahoma Is Now Indian Territory. What Does That Mean for Criminal Justice There? "Tribal courts and federal prosecutors face a flood of new cases after the Supreme Court ruling."

After 78 Days, Michigan Teen Who Was Jailed for Failing to Complete Her Homework While on Probation Is Released "The Michigan Court of Appeals ordered her immediate release pending an appeal of a circuit court judge’s decision to jail the teen, known as 'Grace,' in mid-May."

Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising in The U.S. They’re Wrong. "But their fear makes everyone less safe."

Can Jurors Save the Justice System? "To recognize where things stand in criminal justice you need the data. The data on mass incarceration and particularly on its racial biases are damning. The data on the disappearance of the jury trial—98 per cent of criminal cases are concluded without one—are dramatic."

Md. trooper wrote DWI tickets to fictitious drivers, pleads guilty to perjury "Trooper John Sollon filed six cases against nonexistent defendants. He is still employed by the state police with pay."

Alleging Widespread 'Corruption,' NY Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Dissolve the NRA “The lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, argues that the NRA has diverted money away from its mission as a New York-chartered nonprofit for the personal gain of its top management.”

The federal government is on a stomach-turning execution spree "The federal government went on an execution spree last month, killing three prisoners in one week. Federal officials had not carried out a death sentence since 2003. Two more federal executions are scheduled for next month."

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