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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 08-24-20)

Virtual Jury Trial? No, Thank You, Lawyers Say in Court Survey “Among almost 2,800 lawyers surveyed in June, 57% said they would not be open to a virtual jury trial. So it's no surprise that a San Antonio court couldn't find lawyers to volunteer for its first Zoom civil jury trial on Wednesday."

Ethics and Litigating a Criminal Case from Afar “Joel Cohen, in his Ethics and Criminal Practice column, explores the requirement that lawyers use today’s technology effectively, and to their clients' advantage, at every opportunity."

How a Lawyer Disrespected a Judge (and a Boxer) but Won on Appeal "Although Edward Meehan Jr. admitted his 'behavior was abominable' in mouthing off to Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Jacquelyn M. Frazier-Lyde and daring her to hold him in contempt, he appealed his conviction and sentence of a $300 fine and five days in jail."

When Teachers Call the Cops on Parents Whose Kids Skip Their Zoom Classes "Punishing families for struggling with distance learning is doubly wrong."

The Purgatory of Digital Punishment "It doesn’t matter whether they’re accurate—criminal records are all over the internet, where anyone can find them. And everyone does."

License plate tracking for police set to go nationwide "A company that makes a license plate reader announces a national network for law enforcement to follow car movements. It's already in more than 700 cities."

Appeals Court Upholds Suppression of Kraft Massage Parlor Video “The ruling by a three-judge panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeal was a victory for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, whose arrest in 2019 on misdemeanor prostitution charges drew national headlines."

2nd Circuit Panel Denies Police Union Bid to Block Release of Discipline Data by NYCLU  “The database contains more than 320,000 misconduct complaints involving 81,000 officers dating back to 1985, the NYCLU said."

Should Norm Pattis Have to Return $250,000 From Fotis Dulos? Attorney Retainers Under Scrutiny Amid Lawsuit  "Attorneys weigh in on the ethics of refunds of retainer fees."

The Drafting Process: The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Appellate Brief Writing "Guiding principles for each stage of the drafting process to assist in writing an effective appellate brief."

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