Franklin County Public Defender Office



Performs various in-depth investigative activities as required by the Public Defender and/or Attorneys to assist them in providing competent legal representation to indigent clients.


1. Locates potential witnesses and other individuals who may have witnessed or otherwise have information relative to the offense being investigated.

2. Interviews potential witnesses or others, in person or by telephone, to determine the various information about or versions of the incident.

3. Examines the crime scene and other sites as determined appropriate for a variety of data and physical evidence. Take photographs as warranted.

4. Using independent judgment, secures data, including documents such as time and payroll records, medical records, telephone records, etc. to aid in establishing the client's defense.

5. Reviews results from and coordinates with professionals such as forensic experts, when appropriate or as requested by Staff Attorneys.

6. Prepares detailed written reports on the results of investigations and consults with Staff Attorneys relative to the report and investigation results.

7. Continues to assist Staff Attorneys, including assigned outside counsel, and investigate items or information that may arise during the trial, as requested.

8. Performs activities such as serving subpoenas, obtaining police reports and police photographs, etc. as determined necessary for the investigation or as requested by the Staff Attorneys. (Primary responsibility of investigator I)

9. Performs similar and related duties, or duties as may be designated by the Public Defender, Chief Investigator or Attorneys.


1. Four (4) year degree in an accredited college or university. Criminal Justice or closely related sociology curricula preferred.

2. a. Investigator I: 1 year of experience in investigative type activities, preferably including some experience with the criminal justice systems.

b. Investigator II: 2-3 years’ experience and exemplary performance with the Public Defender Office.

3. Ability to interview and/or converse with others, both inside and outside the Public Defender organization, and at all levels of education and responsibility.

4. Ability to use logic, intuition and initiative in performing investigative assignments and the ability to write concise and accurate reports on the results.

5. Must have a car, good driving record, valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and be willing to work irregular hours.

6. Good knowledge of Columbus area including inner city areas bordering downtown
and suburban areas.

7. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information relative to clients and, when appropriate, other trial data.

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