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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 1-18-2021)

Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 1-18-21)


The Words of Martin Luther King Jr. Reverberate in a Tumultuous Time "Dr. King’s speeches have particular resonance today amid a year of sickness and death, Black Lives Matter protests and the storming of the Capitol."


Ohio Will No Longer Sentence Kids To Life Without Parole "'We now have hope that our loved ones and family members will someday come home to us.'"


Reversing several lower courts, justices allow execution of Lisa Montgomery "The Supreme Court on Tuesday night cleared the way for the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the federal government in 68 years. Montgomery was convicted in 2008 of strangling Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a Missouri woman who was eight months pregnant, and extracting the premature baby to pass off as her own child."


Fourth Circuit Revives Challenge to Mental Health Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors "Citing the differences between mentally unwell unaccompanied minors and pre-trial immigrant detainees, an appeals court revived a challenge against a rural Virginia juvenile detention facility Tuesday."


New Laws In Ohio, Washington, D.C. Eliminate Barriers To Work With A Criminal Record “Under the reforms in Ohio and the District, licensing boards will be required to give each applicant individualized consideration and must consider any evidence of rehabilitation as well as the time elapsed since the crime was committed. In Ohio, the new law will also prevent boards from considering any conviction older than five years, unless it involved a sexual, violent, or fiduciary offense.”


Fourth Circuit Rules Deaf Inmate Has the Right to Use Videophone "A North Carolina prison violated a deaf inmate’s First Amendment rights by not allowing him to use a videophone to contact people on the outside, the Fourth Circuit found on Wednesday."


Advice That Law Schools Should Offer to New Lawyers "As many know, being a new lawyer is tough and the transition from law school to law practice can be abrupt. While the practice of law does not have the artificial difficulty built into it by the curve, where you are constantly competing with classmates, the practice of law presents many more challenges."


The SEC Undermined a Powerful Weapon Against White-Collar Crime "Now the lawyer who wrote the rules that gave Wall Street insiders a big financial incentive to report crimes to the SEC is suing the government for changing them."


Man Pleads Guilty After His Drone Hits LAPD Helicopter "A Los Angeles resident pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal criminal charge of unlawfully operating a drone that struck a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter last year."


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