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Criminal Justice News This Week (Week of 2-22-2021)

Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 2-22-21)


Bipartisan group of Ohio lawmakers pushes to end state’s death penalty “Ohio lawmakers are again introducing legislation to abolish the state’s death penalty – but this time, there’s growing confidence that the measure has the bipartisan support needed to become law.”


The Dichotomy Between Overcriminalization and Underregulation (By Prof. Ellen Podgor) "This Article examines the polarized approach to overcriminalization and underregulation from both a substantive and procedural perspective, presenting the need to look holistically at government authority to achieve the maximum societal benefit. Focusing only on the costs and benefits of regulation fails to consider the ramifications to criminal conduct and prosecutions in an overcriminalized world. This Article posits a moderated approach, premised on political economy, that offers a paradigm that could lead to a reduction in our carceral environment, and a reduction in criminal conduct."


Illegal Walkie-Talkies and Other ‘Crimes’ in Authoritarian Societies "The most obscure or innocuous-sounding offenses can take on new meaning in justice systems used by autocrats for their own ends."


Online Criminal Records Impose ‘Digital Punishment’ on Millions of Americans: Study "Some 147 million court records and 101 million arrest records have been posted on the Internet just in the past 10 years—amounting to a minefield for individuals hoping to reintegrate into civil society, according to a new study."


Online Genealogy Research Helps Solve Oregon Cold Cases "With more than 150 unidentified skeletal remains cases in Oregon, at least one in all 36 counties, Oregon State Police have begun using online genealogy research data to revisit and solve decades-old cold cases, reports Oregon Live."


Sotomayor Invokes Scalia on Fourth Amendment Protections "Does the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizures include the right to be free from an unreasonable attempted seizure?"


Abolish the Federal Death Penalty "It can’t be fixed. It can’t be reformed. Its flaws are inherent. Its time has come."


Civil Forfeiture Does Not Seem To Reduce Drug Use or Help Fight Crime “A new study provides further evidence that property seizures are driven by financial motives rather than public safety concerns.”


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