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State of Ohio v Antonio Williamson Huge Win!


Attached is the decision in State of Ohio v. Antonio Williamson out of Summit County.  Attorneys for the defendant were Ian Friedman, Brad Wolfe, and Mark DeVan. 

   Click here for the decision: Mts Granted Williamson

In 2017, Mr. Williamson, a Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy, was charged with five felonies including rape and other sex offenses. In 2018, Mr. Williamson was also charged with ten felonies for violating OHLEG. The charges were severed, and he was acquitted by jury of all sex offenses in March of 2020.

During the pendency of the cases, and also in 2018, Sheriff’s disciplinary records were acquired which resulted in the filing of a Motion to Dismiss the OHLEG charges due to selective prosecution of Mr. Williamson based on his race. He is African American. Examination during the hearings focused on the history of white deputies not being sanctioned at all for conduct beyond that in which their client was even accused.   The motion was just GRANTED yesterday and the remainder of the case (OHLEG) was dismissed. 

This case opens the door to claims of implicit and explicit bias in police investigation.  I commend our colleagues commitment to justice and their demand of integrity from the State and our judicial system. Thank you for continuing to pave the path toward a brighter future where our clients can have a fighting chance at due process and fairness.  Again, the link to the decision is above. Congratulations to you guys and Mr. Williamson!

Meredith O’Brien

President, OACDL

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