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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 3-15-2021)


NACDL Launches Online Resource Tracking the State of Prison and Jail Communications Systems. Yesterday, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Corrections Committee released an important new online resource, 'The State of Prison & Jail Communication Systems,' as well as a separate manual, 'How to Navigate the Federal Prison System.'


Full Fourth Circuit Split on Baltimore Aerial Police Surveillance "An ACLU lawyer urged the judges to find the program unconstitutional, while the city asked for the case to be sent back to a lower court for more discovery."


Supreme Court to hear case about when defendant can sue police for misconduct "The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case that could settle one aspect of when criminal defendants can sue police and prosecutors for civil rights violations."


6th Circuit judges trade barbs over references to Marshall Project, Grateful Dead in compassionate release request "Appeals judges ruling on a federal prisoner’s compassionate release request agreed that it should be denied but disagreed over sourcing in a dispute played out in a concurring opinion and a footnote."


"Hell No": Correctional Officers Are Declining The Coronavirus Vaccine En Masse "Public health experts worry that high refusal rates could undermine efforts to control the pandemic inside and outside of prisons."


Powerful DNA Software Used in Hundreds of Criminal Cases Faces New Scrutiny "After decades of secrecy, two judges have ruled defendants can investigate whether TrueAllele’s probabilistic genotyping algorithm works as advertised."


False Confessions, Mistaken Identification and Wrongful Convictions "False confessions and mistaken witness identification often play a decisive role in defendants being wrongly convicted. In this edition of his Civil Rights Litigation column, Ilann M. Maazel writes that it is time for a thorough reckoning of criminal cases that rely on such troubled evidence."


Ohio Medical Board Reopens 91 Sexual Assault Cases Involving Doctors "The review was prompted by an investigation into how Richard H. Strauss, a former team doctor at Ohio State who was implicated in at least 177 sex-abuse cases, had gone undetected for so long."


How Trauma-Informed Care Can Prevent Youth Incarceration "The majority of children who commit crimes have a history of trauma. Two activists and former juvenile offenders share their experiences, and a pediatrician explains the deep impact of childhood trauma."




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